Tygervalley Festive Décor 2018

Cape Town has a rich and colourful heritage influenced by many different cultures. This year Tyger Valley Centre in association with Udumo Designs is proud to announce its Community Christmas 2018 festive décor to celebrate the diverse cultures and communities of the Cape through a unifying colour palette.

A Community Christmas will include influences by the many diverse communities who played a role in the heritage of Cape Town, such as the Dutch, Khoikhoi, Malay, British and Xhosa.

As is the case with all our projects, the focus once again fell strongly on job creation and community involvement to produce the festive décor elements, which in previous years have won the coveted Spectrum Award at the Footprint Awards. Amanda van Zyl is the production leader and provided training to the women, stemming from Smartie Town in Paarl, who handmade the decorations. They have also involved the learners of the Westcliff School of Skills in Bellville in a technical capacity with wire work and soldering.

The festive décor will be visible from 15 November for everyone visiting Tyger Valley Centre in Bellville.