The trends in TV set design

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Whether the requirement is for a traditional space or an ultra-modern one, TV set designs offer infinite scope for designing ingenuity – gone are the days when they looked like what they were: a TV studio. Especially the plethora of talk shows necessitates that designers are abreast with trends the world over when creating a set that most effectively represents the character of the host and creates the mood conducive to sitting down for a good chat. Set design is all about establishing a suitable visual concept in unique and creative ways to support the specific nature of the talk show.

A good set should invite audience engagement by being interesting, layered, imbued with different textures and skilful lighting that tell a story, are aesthetically pleasing, and attract the eye. While the intrinsic elements involved naturally follow those of home interiors, the specialised skill required is considerable for one basic and inarguable reason: the designer is creating a visual illusion that both tells a story about the host and show, and transforms a small, limited space into one with sufficient dimension and depth to transport the viewers from their seats into the suggested reality of the set

Lighting as illusionist

This is the designer tool that tops all others. The most beautiful, costly set without the proper lighting is expertise, time and money down the drain. Skilled designers bear in mind that overhead lights for illumination is taboo – rather than use an overhead truss with heavy lighting fixtures, the use of lightweight LED fixtures in a range of lower points in the venue can conjure the appropriate impact. Numerous, subtle and diverse sources of light at differing levels can create any number of moods to suit the theme of the talk show, to present the host and guests in an appropriately flattering manner, and to enforce that vital illusion of being elsewhere than in a TV studio. These different light sources also serve to emphasize certain areas, props or colors while simultaneously drawing the attention away from areas that are less desirable or best downplayed.

Color as complement

In combination, clever lighting and creatively employed color combine to inject dynamism into any set. While the governing trend for this year, according to Pinterest, is to opt for the quiet color of sage, a new favorite tone is also grey, owing mainly to the fact that it is so versatile: there are warm greys and cool greys and, according to the top, “in the know” designers internationally, this subtle color comes in close to 50 different hues. Though this is largely relevant to the chosen design of home interiors, it is of equal issue here, as talk show hosts often request that their talk show set reflects the preferences and taste expressed in their private home environment. Using subtle neutrals or selecting vibrantly contrasting colors will depend on the agreement reached between designer and the uniquely individual character of the host, as well as the nature of their particular show. Opting for the dominance of one color or the use of many, is equally a matter of individual choice.

Skillful use of scale

The major challenge facing designers of a TV set is the limit of the allotted space. This is what most largely affects the furniture designed or selected. Some designers swear by starting with the seating and working outward from there. The chairs or sofa used must be in balance with the size and proportion of the space, otherwise they either dwarf the overall design or make the wall areas feel empty. The practical choice with a sofa is to select or design one with a large seating area and without unnecessarily bulky arms. If high ceilings allow for this, a large gallery wall will also enhance the scale. Pinterest trend predictions suggest that a single, large-scale piece of wall art will find favor in 2018.

Audience size is also an issue to consider when dealing with scale. If the set is small, but the audience large, props and other decorative creative elements should be bigger, bolder, impactful and readily visible. If one is dealing with a small set and small audience, details are critical. While props are naturally brought in to express the character and mood of the host and their show, and will differ accordingly, the trend for 2018 focuses heavily on plants, especially those with vibrant and patterned foliage. Other new design trends worthy of interest is the renewed popularity of bone inlaid features and the mixing of warm metals (gold, brass, bronze) with cool (silver and chrome).

Agreement is reached on one thing: dynamic set design nowadays is all about creative shapes and contrasting textures that will lend dynamism, elegance and the prerequisite touch of glamour to the space and invite intrigue and interested engagement from the audience.

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